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Top 10 Greatest & Famous Philosophers In The History of The World

The word Philosopher is derived from the Greek word “philosophos” which is the combination of two words Philos and Sophos. Philos means lover of anything whereas sophos means Knowledge or education. Now If we combine these two Philo+sophos then It becomes philosophos which means the lover of wisdom or Knowledge. It will not wrong to say that They are the best people of society who look at the world in depth of wonder. So Now we will discuss the top 10 Greatest and famous Philosophers In The History of The World.

# 1 Aristotle

AristotleAristotle is very well known great Greece philosopher and scientist.  He was born in the ancient Greek city named  Stagira, which is  located in central Macedonia.  He was very young when his parents died.  After then a person named Proxenus (husband of Aristotle’s sister) started guiding him and teaching him for some time and then send him to Plato’s Academy which was situated in Athens. After studying in Plato’s Academy at the age of almost thirty seven he was able to write on various subjects like, biology, zoology, metaphysics, ethics,  linguistics, Western philosophy and many others.


# 2 Plato

# 3 Socrates

# 4 Avicenna

# 5 Heraclitus

# 6 Epicurus

# 7 Isaac Newton

# 8 Albert Einstein