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Rishi Kapoor Declared Amir Khan As New Raj Kapoor After Dangal Movie

Amir Khan’s recent movie named Dangal is getting success day by day due to Its quality story and other things. People from all over the world watching this and praising AK. It will not wrong to say that this movie is considered as one of the best movies of Amir after his another amazing old film Taaray Zameen Per. You can Imagine It’s success by this statement that after release, This amazing picture has grossed over Rs 300 crore in just eight days.

Because of this film Mr. Perfect is getting huge amount of appreciations and prayers from not only his fans but also from his haters. According to me, the reason behind It’s success and popularity is that It is an Inspirational and motivational movie, which provides hope and shows the method of how to get success in life for the oppressed and depressed people of the society. In simple words I can say that aspect of Motivating people in that movie, played the most important part in the success of it, and that’s why It touched the hearts of the people.

Rishi Kapoor Declared Amir Khan As The New Raj Kapoor

After watching this amazing Inspirational and motivational movie, Bollywood living legend Rishi Kapoor (who is the Dad of Ranbir Kapoor) fDeclared Amir Khan As The New Raj Kapoor of Bollywood film Industry. Rishi gave these remarks on the social networking website named Twitter.

Rishi Kapoor Declared Amir Khan As The New Raj Kapoor