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Top 10 Fastest Bowler in the World of Cricket

The art of bowling fast is considered as one of the most tough task to do in the sport of cricket, because it demands very hard work as compare to other like batting and fielding. It will not wrong to compare a fast bowler as a Super Hero due his huge amount of taugh physical and mental training. In the sport of cricket, there are many fast bowlers who had bowled fast in their cricketing careers and some newcomers are still performing this amazing art. So a list of these top ten fast bowlers in the world are in the following:
because the effort which a fast bowler put on bowling fast is almost equal

1) Shoaib Akhter

Pakistani Bowler Shoaib Akhtar is also known as Rawalpindi Express is the fastest bowler in cricket history. He was Born in 13 of August 1975. Shoaib has bowled the fastest delivery which is officially recorded at a top speed of 161.3 kilometer per hour against English cricket team.

2) Shaun Tait

Shaun william Tait is another who has broken the barrior of bowling fast with speed of 100 Miles per hour. Tait’s nickname is “The Wild Thing” and he is an Australian well known fast bowler who has bowled the cricket ball with speed of almost 161.1 kilo meter per hour against Pakistan during a t20 cricket series.

3) Brett Lee

Brett Lee was born in 8 November 1976. Lee is also known as the name of Binga, which is his nickname. He was a former Australian bowler. Binga is known for his consistency of pace, going over 150+ km/h throughout his career. Binga’s quickest delivery was recorded at the speed of almost 161.8 kilometer per hour, which is equal to 100.5 miles per hour.

4) Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Aaron Starc is another Australian cricket who is known for his speed during his bowling. Stac is lefty left handed and can bowl deliveries at high speed. Recently in a test match against New Zealand Mitchell Strac’s speed was recorded at 160km/h which is equal to almost almost 99.7 mp/h.

5: Jeoff Thompson

6: Dennis Lille

7: Michal Holding

8: Andy Roberts

9: Joel Garner

10: Malcolm Marshal