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Causes of Worst Political, Social & Economic Conditions in Pakistan

Being a Muslim and a Pakistani, our country  Pakistan is a blessing of Allah for us, at where  we are living a healthy luxurious life with dignity and full of freedom, and we are living in it without any fear.

As we all know that our country “Pakistan” has made ​​in the name of Islam, and Its not wrong to say that the Meaning of Pakistan is “La ilaha Ill Lallah”(Pakistan ka Matlab Kya La ilaha Ill Lallah). This is because that peoples were sacrificing their life and chanting this type of slogans during the struggle of Pakistan’s Independence before 1947.

Causes of Worst Political, Social & Economic Conditions in Pakistan

So after this type of struggle, we can say that our forefathers sacrificed their lives to build an  Islamic state or country at where  their future generation can live according to Shariah.

  • Definition of Shariah

Shariah is an Arabic word, which means to live a life according to Islamic laws/Qura’an & Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h).

Not Implementing Shariah/ Islamic Law in Pakistan

As a Muslim, every Muslim wishes to  vogue  Shariah/Islamic law in Pakistan, but since Pakistan ‘s independence to till now, implementation of Shariah/Islamic law in it, is a dream, which didn’t comes true. which is very bad thing happening in it.

Islam is not a Religion But Deen

Islam is not only a religion but also a complete conduct of life. If we read authentic Islamic books, Islam is written as Deen not as a religion.

Definition of Deen Islam  

Some peoples says that Deen is a Persian word, but commonly Deen is known as an Arabic word.  Deen Islam means a “complete conduct of Life” . In simple words Deen Islam not only deals with religious matters but deals with world matters also.

Deen e Islam Teaches us that how to live a successful life & how to succeed not only in this world(Dunya) but also in the day of Judgement(Qayamat).     

So after knowing all the aspects of Shariah & Islamic laws, we can say that not enforcing Shariah is the main reason or cause of worst political, social and economic circumstances in Pakistan.

Violation of Laws

The another major reason/cause of disasters & worst political, social and economic condition in Pakistan is the violation of law, and not giving respect to it. This type of act performs by all the communities and classes including middle, lower, upper or lower middle classes etc.

Violation of Law by Elite Class 

Middle class and lower middle class is not main culprit, because these type of peoples are not very powerful to violate or break law of country like Pakistan, But the main evil or culprit of law violation is the elite class or upper class.

How Elite Class Violate Rules

Before f law by elite or upper class, first we need to know “what is elite class in society”

In society like Pakistan, Elite Class  consists of VIP’s, such as President  or Prime Minister of a Country, state ministers,  Richest Persons etc and those  people  who are working in major rank called Elite Class.

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