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Live With Dr. Shahid Masood ( JC Report ) – 26th of July 2015.


Watch online Pakistani Talk Show Live With Dr. Shahid Masood – 26th of July 2015. Pakistani Talk show Live With Dr. Shahid  Masood 26th july 2015 latest by news one channel. Must watch the latest episode of shahid masood show Live with Dr. Shahid Masood. Dr. Shahid Masood’s real name is Shahid Masood Khan. He is very famous, well informed and widely known as Pakistani political writer, television host, television anchor person, journalist and political analyst.

Live With Dr. Shahid Masood july 2015, watch online pakistani talk show

News One television Channel is one of the most popular upcoming Television news channel of Pakistan.This tv channel presents latest news, views, interviews, latest updates, entertainment and much more beautiful things. Dr. Shahid Masood is  the one jounalist who pays his important for this channel popularity in Pakistan and all across the world. Dr. Shahid Sasood is a jounalist who’s name is including in the the most authentic, most honest and most popular journalist in journalism of Pakistan. This is the reason that Dr. Shahid Masood’s name is not only in Pakistan but worldly renowned.


Shahid masood took the profession of journalism to the right path in Pakistan. He is the one in Pakistan who unmasked the corruption of sluggish and corrupt rulers and politicians of Pakistan, and tells the people that these corrupt politicians are your true enemy, these are not yours but the enemy of democracy in Pakistan. He unmasked the corrupt and sluggish politicians and rulers with facts and figures. Dr. Shahid masood is playing his best role in Pakistan to tells the truth to Pakistani nation. Pakistani nation also gives him the rich respect and followed him as a role model.

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