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Rangers Are Going To Eliminate Criminals in Karachi After Eid

Rangers are considered one of the most effective, powerful and influential law enforcing agency of Pakistan. Now days Rangers plays a very important role to free Pakistan from all the evils indeed, these evils belongs to  political or social matters . We have seen now days that Pakistan rangers is on the front foot to eliminate the crime and the criminals  in Karachi even, these criminals belongs to any religious, Liberal, secular or political party, Rangers are behaving equally to all of them.

Rangers Are Going To Eliminate Criminals in Karachi After Eid

In the biggest city of Pakistan like, Karachi with support of Sindh government Rangers decided to taken in to custody all those who did corruption  and criminal activities in Sindh  province and become billionaire overnight through dishonesty,criminal activities and corruption and all of those who did black earning in their life they will taken in to custody after this special Eid.

Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah extended rangers operation in Karachi and sindh against murderers, target killers and those criminals who are involved in Karachi to destroy the peace and rangers got full of strength, influence  and power to eliminate this particular issue .



After  this Eid ( Eid ul Fitr) rangers will make this mission or job more quick, fast and furious. So after this Eid the bad days are  going to come for those big fishes who are involved in corruption, black earning, dishonesty, target killing and many other criminal activities. Our prayers are with Pakistan rangers, May Allah grant success to Rangers over this issue.

Watch Video of Dawn News reporting over this Issue