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Muhammad Rizwan “The New Face of Jonty Rhodes”

Today we are going to talk about upcoming and young cricketer of Pakistan cricket team Muhammad Rizwan. He is a very talented Cricketer of this era.Muhammad Rizwan is a very outstanding fielder and a classic middle order batsman also. In Recent Tour of Pakistani cricket team to Srilinka, Rizwan has been outstanding  in the field and he saved some  Furiously fast thunder bolts from his hands and saved many runs for his team. Few days ago in a match against Srilanka ,He made  one such effort that rarely we have seen in years for a Pakistani Fielder making it. He was fielding at long off and the Srilankan batsman smash one right from the middle of his bat and the ball went flying towards Muhammad Rizwan ” The New Jonty Rhodes”.

Muhammad Rizwan "The New Face of Jonty Rhodes"

Muhammad Rizwan started running to his right and kept on running towards it and when he didn’t reach under the ball he made a reckless dive for the ball. Rizwan was in air  and in that leap he caught the ball one handed and it was a beautiful and extra ordinary moment for the viewers and spectators present in stands.Unluckily after catching the thunder bolts ball his dive took him towards the boundary ropes and he hit them with the ball in his hands. At first it looked as if he hit the boundary ropes full and the umpires will signal a six but the action replays showed that the ball bounced off his hand when he hit the ground.


Pakistani fielders needs such engagement or responsibility in the ground during field to raise their fielding efforts just like other teams and Muhammad Rizwan has set up a beautiful example for the his team mates that how to field like a Superman or Jonty Rhodes. After this extra ordinary fielding effort by Muhammad Rizwan , many young player and young fielder are liking him and taking him as a role model. Muhammad Rizwan need to do is to perfect his bating along with his fielding, If he does so then he will become a permanent member of  team pakistan, and nobody can raise a question mark over his selection in Playin eleveng. Muhammad Rizwan “The New Face of Jonty Rhodes”

Watch video of Muhammad Rizwan “The New Face of Jonty Rhodes”