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Meri jung with Mubashir luqman (Dr. Shaista Lodhi’s Exclusive interview)

Dr Shaista lodhi is very famous host of Pakistani Tv channels . She is the ex host of Pakistani morning show “Utho Jaago Pakistan”. Dr. Shaista Lodhi opened her mouth for the first time after alleged blasphemy attempt in a Pakistani talk show “Meri Jung with Mubashir Luqman” .
Meri jung with Mubashir luqman (Dr. Shaista Lodhi's Exclusive interview)

In this talk show with  Mubashir Luqman Senior host of Pakistani morning show Dr. Shaista Lodhi is telling all the story about that incident  and how it happens.  The promo of this show  between Mubashir luqman and Dr. Shaista Lodhi has been released in which She told all the story behind that controversial issue. During answering the questions about the alleged blasphemy attempt, Shaista Lodhi did not keep her emotions under control and she started crying.The senior host of Pakitani morning shows Dr.Shaista Lodhi also shows all the email chat with Jung and the Geo group’s owner Mir Shakil ur Rehman to Mubashir Lucman after that matter. She told that she had uninformed of that all aspect and had only accommodated the program according to the notation. Dr. Shaista Lodhi also said that it was originally battle between the two big media channels of Pakistan after alleged blasphemy matter and she had been a victim of that intense battle. When the anchor Mubashir Lucman asked her that why Aamir Liaquat (host of geo tv) apologized on that matter, she replied that they all are nothing to her. After her saying that words about Amir Liaqat, we and all the viewers of that particular show understand that she is going to abuse Amir Liaqat in a Live program. May be we are wrong but we understand that thing because when mubashir Luqman asked that particular question , she got much angry.

Watch the promo of Meri jung with Mubashir luqman (Dr. Shaista Lodhi’s Exclusive interview)